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​Our Promise

​The first Mesmerie products were developed by pharmaceutical experts in 2000, with the basic vision of creating premium range beauty products, using top quality active ingredients and the most modern technology in the sector. Our team is made up of professionals from various fields: technologists, pharmaceuticals, economics, beauty and marketing experts, etc.

Many years of experience have taught us that the most important thing is to offer the latest beauty trends and listen to the people who use our products: beauty professionals and their clients.


We firmly believe that beauty has a deeper meaning. We know that each person has a unique inner beauty that needs to be discovered and shown. We also know that beauty is not just appearance, but also health, care and nutrition. Beauty is confidence and positive energy.

Beauty initiates life.


​At Mesmerie America we are committed to offering innovative and effective solutions for wellness and health, providing our customers with access to quality products that boost confidence and promote a healthy lifestyle.


We are dedicated to being leaders in the wellness industry, providing people with the tools they need to achieve their wellness goals and live a fulfilling life.


​Our vision at Mesmerie America is to be recognized as the benchmark of excellence in America.

We strive to be pioneers in developing and delivering innovative solutions that inspire positive change in people's lives.


We seek to lead the market with a customer-centric approach, setting high standards in terms of quality, reliability and results.


We envision a future in which Mesmerie is synonymous with well-being and a fundamental tool to achieve a healthy life.


- Commitment to Excellence

- Integrity

- Constant Innovation

- Customer orientation

- Social and Environmental Responsibility

Our team

At Mesmerie, we firmly believe that the success of any organization lies in the people who make it up. Our team is made up of passionate and dedicated individuals who work together to achieve our goals and exceed our clients' expectations. Let us introduce you to the people who work every day to help you elevate your center.

Aida Garcia Bueno

Aida Garcia


Julian Battioli

Julian Battioli


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Tanja Dimitrijevic

Research & Development Manager

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