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VacuSlim 48 Start-Up Set Pack 30 treatments + Hand Set

The Vacuslim48 Start-Up Set is the initial set in which the professional receives the materials, protocols and instructions necessary to begin offering the treatment in their beauty salon.


This set also includes personalized training so you can start selling VacuSlim48 in your center as soon as possible.

  • Online training included

  • Double certified

  • Access to Club Mesmerie

  • 1 VacuSlim 48 Serum 1, 500ml.

  • 1 VacuSlim 48 Cream 2, 500ml.

  • 30 VacuSlim 48 Body Bags

  • Accessories for 30 treatments (elastic band, meter and ties)

  • 3 packs of maintenance creams for sale to customers

VacuSlim 48 Start-Up Set Pack 30 treatments + Hand Set

  • Vacuslim 48 Start-Up Set

    Vacuslim 48 Serum 1, 500ml - 1 pc
    Vacuslim 48 Cream 2, 500ml - 1 pc
    Vacuslim 48 Massage Oil 3, 500ml - 1 upc
    Vacuslim 48 Body Bag - 30 pcs
    Accessories for the Start Up set (elastic band, meter, 30 ties)

    Retail / Home care products

    Vacuslim 48 Serum 1 Roll on, 50ml - 3 pcs.
    Vacuslim 48 Cream2, 200ml - 3 pcs.

    Hand set Bag 20 sessions

    The arm wrap bag Vacuslim48It is a bag specially designed for body contour treatments and allows the creation of a vacuum.

    The vacuum bag creates an environment that allows the transfer and deep penetration of the active ingredients of the preparation.Vacuslim48 to places where there are fat deposits and cellulite.

    The wrap bag Vacuslim48 it has numerous benefits because:

    • The combination of vacuum and active ingredients allows the volume of the treated areas of the body to be reduced.
    • The vacuum allows the long-term effect of the active ingredients.
    • The vacuum bag creates an environment that causes a sauna and presso effect.
    • The vacuum allows the active ingredients to be inserted deeply within 30 minutes, which will initiate metabolic processes.
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