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What is VacuSlim 48?

VacuSlim 48 is a non-invasive, relaxing, and painless vacuum method, with a pleasant sensation of cold and heat.

The excellent results of this innovative professional method are due to the perfect synergy between the revolutionary active ingredients in the creams and serums. Thanks to the carboxy effect, they act on the three metabolisms of fat cells.


Satisfies the aesthetic needs of clients

Reduces cellulite
Shapes the body in a non-invasive way
cm loss
Active fat burning
Firms the skin
Provides satiny, soft and elastic skin

Innovative protocol

​In just 30 minutes and with the help of vacuum technology, the active ingredients in the VacuSlim 48 method products will deeply penetrate the skin, reactivating the metabolism to combat cellulite and fluid retention.

Visible and immediate results

​The key to VacuSlim 48 is the speed at which results are achieved, which makes it unique and without competition in the world of Body Shaping.

Reasons for using VacuSlim 48

Discover why you should incorporate VacuSlim 48 into your Spa.

Non-invasive method

Use the leading product
in the world

15 years of experience

​Create custom protocols

Experience and satisfaction of your clients

​Effective Results

​Our Sets


Meet our official distributors, true references in the beauty and aesthetics sector in the United States and Latin America.

Associated Spas

Do you want to try VacuSlim 48?

Here you can find all the official centers in the US that currently offer VacuSlim 48.

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