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What is VacuSlim 48?

Products VacuSlim 48

VacuSlim 48 is a non-invasive, relaxing, and painless vacuum method, with a pleasant sensation of cold and heat.

The excellent results of this innovative professional method are due to the perfect synergy between the revolutionary active ingredients in the creams and serums. Thanks to the carboxy effect, they act on the three metabolisms of fat cells.

VacuSlim 48 Benefits

More than 10,000 centers in Europe already trust VacuSlim 48.


Reduces Cellulite

Reafirms the skin

Shapes the body non-invasively.

Visible results quickly.

Provides a satin, smooth, and elastic skin.

Products VacuSlim 48
protocol VacuSlim 48

In just 30 minutes and with the assistance of vacuum technology, the active ingredients in the VacuSlim 48 method products will penetrate deep into the skin, reactivating metabolism to combat cellulite and fluid retention.

The key to VacuSlim 48 is the speed at which results are achieved, making it unique and unparalleled in the world of Body Shaping.

Our Products

Start Up Set VacuSlim48

Start-Up Set

1 Serum 1

1 Cream 2

1 Massage Oil

30 Body Bags

3 Retail Sets


30 sessions

The Vacuslim48 Start-Up Set is the initial kit in which the professional receives the materials, protocols, and instructions necessary to start offering the protocol in their beauty salon.

This set also includes personalized training so that you can start selling VacuSlim48 in your center as soon as possible.

Included in the set:

- Online training
- Double certification
- Access to Club Mesmerie
- 1 VacuSlim 48 Serum 1, 500ml
- 1 VacuSlim 48 Cream 2, 500ml
- 30 VacuSlim 48 Body Bags
- Accessories for 30 sessions (elastic band, measuring tape, and ties)
- 3 packs of maintenance creams for retail

Set Expert VacuSlim 48

Expert Set

2 Serum 1

2 Creams 2

1 Massage Oil

50 Body Bags


50 Sessions

Designed for professionals already offering VacuSlim48 in their business. It includes everything necessary to continue providing the treatment in your beauty center.

To purchase this set, it is essential to have previously acquired the Starter Set, as you will receive specific training and all the assistance to offer this service in your center.

  • 2 VacuSlim 48 Serum 1, 500ml.

  • 2 VacuSlim 48 Cream 2, 500ml.

  • 50 VacuSlim 48 Body Bags

  • Accessories for 50 treatments (elastic band, measuring tape, and ties)

  • Mesmerie Club

After completing your training and purchasing the Start-Up Set, you will continue working with the 50-session Expert Set.

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Why VacuSlim 48

Discover why you should incorporate VacuSlim 48 into your Spa.

Non-Invasive Method

15 years on the market

World's leader Vacuum products

Effective Results

Create customized protocols for your clients

Experience & Customer's satisfaction

The protocol


Meet our official distributors, true references in the beauty and aesthetics sector in the United States and Latin America.

Associated Spas

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Here you can find all the official centers in the US that currently offer VacuSlim 48.

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