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Que es VacuSlim 48

What is VacuSlim 48?

VacuSlim 48 is a non-invasive, relaxing and painless vacuum sessions, with a pleasant hot-cold sensation

The good results of this innovative professional treatment is a perfect synergy between the VacuSlim 48 vacuum bags made of a special material and the revolutionary active ingredients of the applied creams and serums, which act on the 3 metabolisms of fat cells to:

Burn calories

Prevent storage

of new fat cells

Slow down the formation of

new fat cells

Active ingredients

Symfit active ingredient vacuslim48


 Reduces the formation and multiplication of fat cells

 Reduces and prevents the increase of fat cells (lipogenesis)

Increases fat burning and body cleansing

 Reduces the visible signs of cellulite

L-Carnitine vacuslim48


Accelerates the burning of fatty acids, supports the transport of fat cells to the mitochondria where fats are converted into energy

Sulfatos de rutina principio activo vacuslim48

Rutin Sulfates

Very useful to reduce cellulite and the feeling of heavy legs


This biflavonoid improves peripheral circulation, allows the supply of nutrients to the tissues and removes harmful substances from the tissues.

Caffeine vacuslim48


A powerful antioxidant that breaks down fat in the deeper layers of the skin while improving microcirculation

Thermolate  vacuslim48

Thermolate: intelligent heating

Accelerates circulation and causes a pleasant feeling of heat in the body

That hot feeling can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Horse chestnut extract active ingredient vacuslim48

Horse chestnut extract

Relieves the Symptoms of Tired and Tense Legs, While Reducing Swelling in the Lower Limbs.

Ivy extract active ingredient vacuslim48

Ivy extract

Contains substances that effectively fight cellulite and reduce the orange peel appearance on the skin

Seaweed extract active ingredient vacuslim48

Seaweed extract

Intensely hydrates and refreshes the skin

Complete with essential oils vacuslim48

Essential oil complex

Essential oils of lemon, cinnamon, orange and rosemary, and the creams contain a complex of essential oils of bergamot, mint and lavender.


How can I achieve faster results?

The active ingredients in Vacuslim 48 cosmetics act for two days, so it is recommended to perform the sessionevery other day.

Between Vacuslim 48 sessions, you can undergo wood therapy or a classic anti-cellulite massage to accelerate lymphatic drainage. This is the ideal combination to break down fat, reduce cellulite, tighten the skin, and achieve fantastic and fast results after a series of 6 to 12 treatments.


When can I start seeing results?

You may notice the first results after the initial 30-minute treatment.

The first 3-4 treatments have a strong lymphatic drainage effect, eliminating excess fluid, resulting in a rapid loss of circumference. The active ingredients involved in breaking down fat deposits (lipolysis) act from the beginning but reach their maximum effect from the third or fourth treatment.

To achieve the best volume remodeling results, it is necessary to undergo a series of 6-12 treatments or until the desired result is achieved.

How do I maintain the results obtained with VacuSlim 48?

To maintain the obtained result, it is necessary to continue with maintenance treatments, which can be done three to six times a month, depending on the metabolism speed and dietary habits, once the series is completed and the desired volume is achieved.

In addition, to maintain results from the beginning of the Vacuslim 48 method application, it is necessary to use Vacuslim care preparations at home. It is preferable to use them even after completing a series of treatments.

Are there any restrictions for the VACUSLIM 48 treatment?

The Vacuslim 48 method can be applied to all healthy individuals over 18 years old. If a person has any acute or chronic diseases, it is best to consult their doctor.

Vacuslim 48 treatments, like other anti-cellulite treatments, whether performed with equipment or through massage (manual or wood therapy), should not be applied to people suffering from any of the listed conditions: high blood pressure, diabetes, insulin-using patients, recent surgical interventions (at least 6 months after the intervention), pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, mothers with recent cesarean section (6 months), malignant diseases, epilepsy, patients with severe kidney diseases, any skin changes such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis; the treatment is not performed on reddened and inflamed skin due to the sun or tanning beds, as well as on freshly depilated and shaved skin.

For clients with enlarged veins and capillaries, it is important to follow the working protocol and apply only the cold Vacuslim 48 Cream 2 on the body. In this case, apply the warm Vacuslim 48 Serum 1 only in areas unaffected by varicose veins and pronounced capillaries.

It is always advisable to consult with your doctor if you have any doubts.

Can I apply Vacuslim 48 if the client has varicose veins or prominent capillaries?

If you have dilated veins and pronounced capillaries, it is important for the therapist to follow the working protocol and not apply Vacuslim Serum 1, a warm serum that stimulates circulation in those areas. Instead, the therapist should only apply Vacuslim 48 Cream 2, a cold cream.

You can apply the serum to other areas with fat deposits where you don't have prominent veins and capillaries.

If you have any doubts, consult your doctor.

Can I undergo Vacuslim 48 treatment during my menstrual cycle?

It is not recommended, as the treatment increases blood flow, which can cause increased and prolonged bleeding during the menstrual cycle. Therefore, our advice is not to undergo treatments during the monthly cycle.


Can I receive treatment after childbirth and during breastfeeding?

If childbirth was normal, three months must pass before undergoing Vacuslim 48 treatment. After a cesarean section, six months must pass.

It is always better to consult a gynecologist before starting the treatment.

While breastfeeding your baby, you should not undergo treatments because the active ingredients in the bloodstream can pass into breast milk and reach the baby.

What symptoms can occur during and after treatment?

During the treatment, the body cleanses rapidly, and excess fluid is eliminated, resulting in the removal of toxins from the body. Due to increased fluid loss after treatment, it is necessary to drink up to 2 liters of water during the day.

During the treatment, there is an alternating sensation of pleasant warmth and coolness. Since it is intelligent heating technology and carboxy effect leading to increased circulation, the feeling of warmth may be stronger or weaker, depending on the person. The sensation of warmth is enhanced in areas with more accumulated fat and cellulite. It is essential to note that intelligent heating technology does not cause skin irritation, and the skin remains cool to the touch during treatment.

Why don't I see immediate results?

Each body functions according to its own metabolism and dietary habits. If you are petite with few fat deposits, you will notice results more quickly compared to larger individuals with more fat deposits.

You will see a reduction throughout the treatment, so we recommend a series of 6 or more treatments to achieve the desired result. If changes do not occur, contact us, and we will help you improve your experience.


What treatments can I combine with Vacuslim 48 treatment?

Between two Vacuslim 48 treatments, you can combine wood therapy, manual anti-cellulite massage, ultrasonic cavitation, electrostimulation, mesoporation, and pressotherapy.


Will the treatment have the same result if I use aluminum foil instead of Vacuslim 48 bags?

The Vacuslim 48 bag allows for a powerful carboxy effect within the enclosed environment, leading to increased oxygen flow to cells, accelerated circulation, cleansing, and deeper and faster penetration of active ingredients from the Vacuslim 48 care product line. Therefore, results are visible after the first treatment.

With wrapping paper, there is no carboxy effect and deep insertion of active components, so quick and effective results are not achieved.

What happens when I finish a series of treatments, will I regain lost deposits?

As with a diet, maintaining the obtained results requires changes in eating habits, including physical activity. If you change your eating habits and regularly undergo maintenance treatments with your therapist and use the Vacuslim 48 care product line at home, you will definitely maintain the results you have achieved.


Why do I use Vacuslim Serum 1 before Vacuslim Cream 2?

Care must be taken to ensure that the serum and cream consumption is equal and according to the instructions, 10-20 ml per treatment.

As the serum is applied to clean, dry skin that quickly absorbs it, it may give the impression that you have not applied enough, so you often end up reapplying to the same area. To prevent this from happening, you can apply the serum to one region and immediately apply the cream, then move on to the other region and repeat the procedure.

Divide the areas according to the location of fat deposits and cellulite through the uniform application of both preparations.

Is massage with Vacuslim 48 massage oil mandatory at the end of the treatment?

Vacuslim 48 oil should be applied at the end of the treatment with lymphatic drainage movements.

The necessary massage is short, lasting 5 minutes, and with it, you open the lymph nodes and extract the lymph to evenly remove excess water and toxins.

Why are Vacuslim 48 and wood therapy an ideal combination?

Vacuslim 48 and wood therapy are an ideal combination because they complement each other with the physical action achieved by wood therapy and the internal effect of the Vacuslim 48 concept.


The Vacuslim 48 beauty care product line opens the internal space to expel cellulite and fat cells, accelerates metabolism, promotes body cleansing, elimination of water and toxins and breaks down fat deposits.


When Vacuslim 48 releases the lymphatic and circulatory system, it is the turn of the wood therapy, which by its action also accelerates the metabolism, lymphatic and circulatory system, pushes the remains of toxins and water to the place of expulsion (urinary tract), and expels from the body through the lymphatic system released and activated.


Although separately they are very effective, Vacuslim 48 and wood therapy, with their joint and alternating action, form an ideal combination, so that fat cells, cellulite, excess water and toxins have nowhere to go but out of the body.

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