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VacuSlim 48 Expert Set (50 treatments)

Professional set for 50 treatments

The advantage of the unique Vacuslim 48 concept is that in just 30 minutes it allows a deep, strong and prolonged action of the active principles that are directed towards body remodeling.


The treatment is intended for people with problems of fat accumulation, cellulite and people prone to excessive fluid retention, as well as people who want to maintain a slim figure. It is ideal for parts of the body prone to the accumulation of fat and cellulite (belly, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves, forearms).


The Vacuslim 48 treatment is a relaxing and painless, non-invasive vacuum treatment with a pleasant hot-cold sensation. It complements and supports other slimming treatments to achieve faster and more effective results.


This pack is intended for those professionals who have previously purchased the initial set, which includes specific training. 

VacuSlim 48 Expert Set (50 treatments)

  • If you have never purchased VacuSlim48, contact us to receive personalized advice free.


    We will inform you about the initial pack and the advantages that VacuSlim 48 will have for your beauty center.

  • Vacuslim 48 Serum 1, 500ml - 2 units.
    Vacuslim 48 Cream 2, 500ml - 2 units.
    Vacuslim 48 Massage oil 3, 500ml - 1 pc.
    Vacuslim 48 Body Bags - 50 pcs.

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